As cloud tech gets pricey, can 'hybrid cloud' save the day?

Faddom’s CEO and founder elaborates on the need for hybrid cloud infrastructure, and the opportunity it presents.

Keep your head in the cloud (photo credit: COURTESY CLOUDWITH.ME)
Keep your head in the cloud

In the current tech landscape, an overwhelming amount of companies, platforms, and applications that consumers interface with are run on the cloud. Since its introduction to the tech market nearly two decades ago, cloud computation has been hailed as a brilliant solution for companies and developers alike. But as those companies and developers continue to create more advanced applications, the cloud infrastructure bearing the load has begun to show some cracks, in the form of data security concerns and soaring costs.

“The cost of cloud infrastructure simply doesn't make any economic sense [anymore] — even for those who by definition, need the advantages of utilizing cloud technology,” said Lanir Shacham, CEO and founder of Faddom.

Faddom is an Israeli start-up which aims to help companies in their transition away from cloud-only infrastructure and toward “hybrid cloud” - a marriage of cloud technology and old-fashioned on-premise infrastructure.

The best of both worlds?

The hybrid cloud offers a compelling promise - a harmonious balance between leveraging the benefits of public cloud services and maintaining control over critical assets. By adopting this flexible approach, companies can harness the power of the cloud while ensuring the safety of sensitive data within their on-premise environment. A hybrid approach enables businesses to achieve the nimbleness required to respond swiftly to market demands without compromising governance and compliance.

Shacham explained that while certain companies will always require the advanced, granular precision and performance offered by full-cloud infrastructure, that isn’t a requirement shared by a vast majority of the modern tech ecosystem.

Lanir Shacham, CEO and founder of Faddom (credit: NOA GUTMAN)
Lanir Shacham, CEO and founder of Faddom (credit: NOA GUTMAN)

“Overall, about 98% of companies don’t need to utilize the full functionality offered by cloud technology,” he said, noting that there’s no longer a practical benefit in paying the full price for infrastructure that they don’t need every part of. “What's happening right now with cloud vendors is that the price tag that they put on the services is much higher than it used to be in the past,” he said.

That 98% of companies — whether due to regulatory restrictions, convenience issues, cost concerns or otherwise — “will never be 100% dependent on a cloud provider,” Shacham continued. “We believe that the situation will reach an equilibrium centered around a combination: we will have some things handled by a cloud provider, and you will keep some in an on-prem, either because you need to or because as a backup option, or because it's more cost effective.”

“In that reality, there's a lot of problems that you have to address, though, and I doubt they're going to be addressed by the cloud providers,” he concluded. “Hence the opportunity for a company like ours.”