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Int'l football star Haim Revivo, who recently proved that he's nearly as good a dancer as he is a soccer player, has been signed up by Go Under to head its men's underwear campaign.

revivo billboard 88 298 (photo credit: Courtesy )
revivo billboard 88 298
(photo credit: Courtesy )
NOT SO long ago, she was Israel's top international model, her face graced publications such as Vogue and she worked with fashion houses such as Givenchy. After living in Paris and New York and modeling for top fashion houses and leading fashion publications, Nina Brosh, known professionally as Vik, came back to Israel and settled with her boyfriend in a luxury villa in an upscale neighborhood. Motherhood got in the way of her career, plus the fact that she will be 32 in November, which is somewhat of an advanced age for fashion models. Even so, her chameleon looks are both a challenge and an inspiration to make-up artists, coupled with the fact that she is really good at what she does. This is why Jump has commissioned her to head its Fall/Winter 2007/2008 campaign. Her fee per season will be $25,000, which is somewhat less than what she was earning abroad - but still, it's not to be sneezed at. Brosh will replace Michal Yanai, who has been out front for Jump for the past two years. The only reason Jump and Yanai are parting company, according to Jump's CEO and main shareholder Menachem Kopitz, is because fashion demands innovation; and just as styles change, so do the models who show them off. Some of the companies that employ super model Galit Gutman, who is in the same age group, might disagree with that. THEN AGAIN, Freda Reuveni, proprietor, CEO and designer for Bonita is of the same mind as Kopitz which is why Bonita and Mali Levy who was the company's house model for two years, have parted company. Bonita, with 30 branches around the country, is simply looking for a new face, which is a great opportunity for some beautiful girl with modeling in mind, to be discovered. SOME PEOPLE might be under the impression that fashion model, actress and television hostess Yael Bar Zohar, who until last year was closely identified with Fox, was selected to head the Laline beauty products campaign because Fox bought 50 percent of the company's stock But according to Meirav Cohen who, together with Revital Levy, founded Laline in 1999, Bar Zohar was chosen because she best symbolizes what Laline stands for - femininity, originality, innovativeness and lifestyle while preserving a sense of pure classicism. Bar Zohar is no stranger to Laline. She was one of the company's first customers when it had only one store compared to its 40 branches today, and in presenting Laline's aromatic products she knows exactly what she's talking about. It's not an act; it's authentic, notwithstanding the fact that she will earn $100,000 for being the company's house model. INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL star Haim Revivo, who recently proved that he's nearly as good a dancer as he is a soccer player, and who is as well known for his good looks and his business acumen as he is for his ability to move with the ball, has been signed up by Go Under to head its men's underwear campaign. Up until recently, Go Under built its reputation on sexy underwear and beachwear for women. It is now expanding to include men's underwear. The company invested $1.5 million in launching the men's collection, and has now budgeted a further $350,000 for advertising the collection through the Optimus advertising company. Revivo will receive $200,000 for modeling the collection. Still a star in the eyes of the general public, even though he's retired from professional football, Revivo has the natural charisma and the good looks to make Go Under's investment worthwhile, and he's already appearing on larger than life billboards on major highways. THE NETANYA Municipality has invested NIS 280,000 in a local fitness campaign by setting up an open-air fitness center on the beach with equipment that will help locals and visitors to tone up their muscles and get rid of surplus fat. The new facility was inaugurated this week by Netanya Mayor Miriam Fierberg, Mr. World - Eli Hanna and Miss Fitness Helena Frankel. Hanna, who is Israel's leading bodybuilder, said he was delighted that Netanya was so involved in efforts to develop the body and promote health. Fierberg said she was proud that Netanya's "sports city" Los Angeles Times/sobriquet was more than just a slogan, but a way of life. Netanya promotes the sports industry in general, but personal fitness in particular. Fierberg pointed out that the new facility would be a boon to those families whose economic circumstances do not allow them to join fitness clubs that charge several hundred and sometimes several thousand shekels for annual membership. This is the third investment by the Netanya Municipality in fitness for all.