What's blue-and-white all over? Yom Haatzmaut

For who want to come to the parks prepared for the holiday, Ets HaMishalot has a blue and white table with a big Star of David painted on the tabletop.

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atzmaut furniture 88
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BARBECUES WILL be smoking all over the country next week on Independence Day. Most people will use simple, small charcoal grills that you can easily take to the parks for al ha'aish. At Home Center, you can find one as cheap as NIS 29 and a more advanced model for NIS 70. There are bigger charcoal grills on wheels, with a cover and a working surface on the side, suitable for use in a garden or on a balcony. GAS OR ELECTRIC grills heat up faster and are easier to operate, but they can only be used at home. A Cobb barbecue is compact and can be used even inside the house, or outside for a picnic. The advantage of this grill is that it doesn't create smoke. To check out this grill, which costs NIS 545, go to www.cobbisrael.com. TIVON VEAL has some Independence Day deals if you buy their meat products. At Mega, you can purchase a big gas barbecue on wheels for NIS 500 if you buy at least NIS 100 of Tivon Veal items. New from Tivon Veal are the entrecote pieces on a stick, ready to be put on the grill. A 450 gr. package costs NIS 30. Supersol is offering an electric grill for NIS 50 when buying NIS 50 or more of Tivon Veal or Dalidag products. Both deals are valid until the end of May. MARSHMALLOWS ARE another must on Independence Day or for any Lag B'Omer bonfire. Carmit has a big bag of white marshmallows, which contain no artificial colors, and have the sticks already inside. This 350 gr. bag costs NIS 9 and is available for a limited period only. Elite has marshmallows in the shape of flowers, also a limited edition, but of course if you melt them, the shape doesn't really matter; a 150 gr. bag is NIS 6.20. READY-MADE salads are convenient for a holiday picnic, and Ahla now offers good value for the money. A kilo-package of humus is now sold at 20% off, and containers of red cabbage salad and eggplant in mayonnaise now come with an extra 50% free. When you buy a package of four 500 gr. containers of Ahla salads, containing tehina, red cabbage salad, eggplant in mayonnaise and humus, you get the humus for free. COLD BEER is a good thirst-quencher on a hot day. To keep it cool when you're away from your home and refrigerator, Heineken sells eight bottles in a special carton called Ice Pack. Before you leave, you open the carton, pour in ice cubes, and after about 15 minutes the beer is cool. The Ice Pack is sold at NIS 49.90; the box is good for a one-time use only. NIKOL HAS a special edition of paper napkins for Independence Day in blue-and-white packages decorated with Israeli flags. The paper napkins are now also sold at a special price; a box containing 100 small napkins is NIS 6, a package of 85 blue or white napkins is NIS 6 and a set of two blue and white tablecloths is NIS 11. FOR THOSE who want to come to the parks really prepared for the holiday, Ets HaMishalot has a blue and white table with a big Star of David painted on the tabletop, plus folding plastic chairs that are white with a blue back. The price for this patriotic set is NIS 1,800, and you can find it at this store, which is located on the road between Bet Dagan and Tsrifin (03-960-7636). TO GO on a picnic in style, you can get fashionable backpacks or baskets that contain all the dishes and silverware you need. At Toys "R" Us, a backpack containing a cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, a blanket, and plates, silverware, glasses and napkins for four, is sold for NIS 170 (or NIS 120 if you have a Life Style card). At cook stores such as Domo you can find much fancier sets; a suitcase containing wine glasses, a cork screw, dishes, silverware, plastic containers and a blanket is sold for NIS 925. Colorful striped bags with a plastic lining, suitable to transport food and drinks, are sold at Beitili at prices varying from NIS 22 to NIS 59. SUPERSOL HAS some good deals on sleeping bags, tents or folding chairs, especially for the holiday and the start of the camping season, in general. A sleeping bag is now NIS 70 instead of NIS 200, while a tent suitable for four people is NIS 149.90 instead of NIS 299.90 and a folding chair with a carrying bag is NIS 50 instead of NIS 100. A blow-up camping mattress is NIS 99.90 for a single-size bed, and different types of hammocks are for sale at prices ranging from NIS 59.90 to NIS 199.90. IF YOU own a soda machine from Soda Club, you might want to get a soda bottle decorated with Israeli flags, which is now on sale for only NIS 10 instead of the usual NIS 19.90 price. You can purchase the bottle in do-it-yourself stores, or directly through Soda Club (1-800-300-100, or www.sodaclub.co.il). ON INDEPENDENCE DAY, you're supposed to wear blue-and-white, which is also a convenient excuse for all clothing and accessory stores to market items in these colors. Swatch has a white watch with a wristband made out of blue and white squares, available in the Swatch outlets and other selected watch stores for NIS 320. The Swiss company Longines is offering a special edition watch in honor of Israel's 58th birthday, of which only 58 copies are available; to own this exclusive edition, you will have to dish out no less than NIS 13,631! Magnolia jewelry stores have silver or leather necklaces with a golden or silver Star of David, with prices varying from NIS 50 to NIS 250. Blue or white comfort sandals made by the Israeli company Beautifeel are on sale for NIS 459, also not cheap, but at least you'll be comfortable throughout the summer. If you plan on spending the holiday at the beach, weather permitting, you can get a light blue bikini with a blue-and-white striped waist for NIS 129.90 at the TNT stores. IF YOU'RE really feeling patriotic and want to even wear blue-and-white makeup next week, you wont have trouble finding eye shadow in those shades this season. Madina Milano has eye shadow gel in the shape of a stick in both a dark and a light blue that create a bright, glossy effect. You also can find blue-and- white powder eye shadow in the Absolut series; one container has both colors. Both the gel stick and the powder eye shadow are NIS 84 at the Madina Milano stores. aTO BRIGHTEN up your bathroom long after Independence Day is over, you can get towels in white and different shades of blue at the Fried bed linens stores, which are now offering a special deal: buy one towel, and get the second one for free. A set of two big towels is NIS 122, a set of medium towels is NIS 75 and a set of face towels is NIS 42. The deal lasts until the end of June.