Moving America - Israeli-style

As the son of London-born journalist Daniel Gavron, a well-known author and former news broadcaster for IBA's English radio news, 34-year-old Assaf Gavron is fast becoming a popular literary name in his own right. Gavron has published several books, but the one that may catapult him to fame is his 2003 Moving. The 434-page adventure story/novel is based on his experience in 1998 working in the moving business. Although the story is centered on the action of the local moving business in New York City, it also covers other places the moving crews have to go to, often visiting several cities in a short period of time. The book's mixed Israeli and Russian crews work for a small Manhattan-based moving company, Sababa Moving and Storage, which operates out of the apartment of Haim, the owner. The firm's fleet consists of one blue moving truck which is often supplemented by using rental delivery vehicles. "People would work all kinds of jobs then, and it was much easier to do so then than it is now, with more security checks following 9/11," Gavron says. He considers moving a great subject as it involves many interesting experiences of both the people being moved and the young Israelis who did the work, including their interaction. "These young Israeli kids became part of the story and the adventures they had, including brushes with the law, immigration authorities and also criminal elements, added to the intrigue they experienced," he says. Moving is being translated into German and scheduled to be published next year by the German publisher Luchterhand, a subsidiary of Random House. Gavron adds that it will eventually be published in English, possibly by HarperCollins.