In the latest round of an ongoing verbal slugfest, Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman on Monday accused Arab MKs of representing Israel's enemies and of being a "fifth column" in the Knesset. In response, MKs Ahmed Tibi and Muhammad Barakei responded that Israel Beiteinu was a "fascist party" that should not be allowed representation in the Knesset. "The Arab MKs are the representatives of terror organizations in the Knesset," Lieberman accused. "Today in the Knesset there is a coalition of defeatists and fifth columnists. Those sitting here (the Arab MKs) are representatives of terror organizations." "The fact that an Israeli member of Knesset presents himself in Qatar as a Palestinian, preaches against Israel and says that it is racist proves that the 30s and the period leading up to the Shoah haven't taught us a thing," Lieberman said. "This is a syndrome of the Weimar Republic." Lieberman's speech was interrupted several times by Arab MKs and Meretz MK Zehava Gal-On. The former strategic affairs minister, however, was unfazed, saying that "after the election, God willing, we will form a government in which we will hold the defense portfolio, and then you will experience a new Middle East." Tibi, who took to the podium after Lieberman, was vehement in his response, calling Israel Beiteinu the "Israel fascist party" and declaring that he is "proud to be a member of the Palestinian people." "I defend the Palestinian cause here, in Doha and also in Brazzaville," Tibi continued. "The things I said in Doha I told the Knesset a thousand times," he said. "I think Foreign Minister [Tzipi Livni's] policy is unjust. What's wrong with that? I said that there is discrimination and inequality in Israel and a policy of apartheid in the territories - is there anything wrong about that?" When MKs butted into his speech, accusing him of trying to sabotage Livni's trip to Qatar and her meeting with high-ranking Arab officials, Tibi retorted: "Who is she anyway? She's only the foreign minister - what's sacred about her?" In response, MK Yoel Hasson of Kadima accused Tibi of having "no respect for this house and for democracy," and Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik said: "She is the foreign minister of Israel. It is disrespectful to ask 'who is she anyway.'" Tibi went on: "In Doha I said that out of 900 employees of the Bank of Israel none are Arab - is there anything wrong about that? Instead of attacking me, amend the situation." "I said that Lieberman is a fascist and an immigrant; what wrong about that? He is a fascist immigrant who came to a land that does not belong to him. He preaches incitement and murder. If anybody needs to leave the country it's him." Hadash chairman Muhammad Barakei called for the Knesset to outlaw Israel Beiteinu, prompting Immigrant Absorption Minister Ya'acov Edri to ask him: "Is this how you would talk in the Syrian parliament?" Earlier, Likud MK Gideon Sa'ar lambasted Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, saying that "It is inconceivable that in between interrogations Olmert continues to negotiate over concessions." "Do not dare to touch Judea and Samaria; do not dare to threaten Jerusalem in between interrogations," Sa'ar continued. "Do not deliver covert messages to Assad that Israel is willing to cede the Golan, because that is untrue. You don't have a majority in this house to proceed with your process of unilateral concessions."