Ten Reasons to Live in Tel Aviv

1. The beach 2. The relative warmth in the winter as opposed to Jerusalem's chill 3. You can make a decent living so you don't have to rely on favors 4. There are enough New York-style restaurants and bars where you go to escape and forget that you live in Israel 5. You can wear tank tops and tight shorts in the middle of the street and no one looks at you funny 6. On any given Friday night, you can venture into a bar or club looking good and end up leaving with free love 7. You look up and see skyscrapers, reveling in the modernity and creativity of Israel 8. Shops, pubs, restaurants are open on Shabbat 9. You learn Hebrew quickly, since you're not surrounded by Anglos 10. You can always find an excuse to get dressed-up and keep up on fashion trends