Antisemitism is a Christian concern - here’s why 

Opinion: "We must turn towards Jerusalem," writes Luke Hilton.

 Visiting the last living Righteous 3 months ago in Kiev,  pictured Mrs, Nina Bogorad, 97 years old, and Mr. Nazarenko, 92 (photo credit: FROM THE DEPTHS)
Visiting the last living Righteous 3 months ago in Kiev, pictured Mrs, Nina Bogorad, 97 years old, and Mr. Nazarenko, 92
(photo credit: FROM THE DEPTHS)

Statistics show that antisemitism is on the rise in nearly every nation in the world. As Christians who believe in the Bible, this should concern us. 

The prophets are very clear that one day every nation in the world will fight and stand against Jerusalem. Since this refers to “nations,” that means that it will be up to individuals to stand against the tide of Jew-hatred and instead stand with the land and people of Israel. That means supporting Israel, the people of Israel and the Jewish people who have not yet returned home. 

Let me be clear: Many, many nations of the world have treated the Jews badly over the centuries. Millions and millions of Jews were murdered simply for being Jews, not only during the Holocaust, but also during World War I, the Crusades, the Inquisition and countless pograms. 

We can only take personal responsibility, repent for the actions of our forefathers and our own nations’ guilt, and then forge a new path for history to remember us by. 

We must turn towards Jerusalem, come alongside the Jewish people and Israel, and stand unequivocally with the restoration of God’s Kingdom back to Israel. 

We must be firm in our resolve that when the time comes in our own country, we will be found counted among the “righteous among the nations” that stood with our Jewish brothers and sisters. 

Speaking of the righteous among the nations, a recent list was sent to Israel’s Foreign Ministry of the 17 remaining Ukrainian “Righteous Among the Nations” that are still living. In total, Yad Vashem lists 2,673 Ukrainians who were responsible for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. Israel grants honorary citizenship to those who are counted in this list, giving them the opportunity to make aliyah if they wish. 

When reading Ukraine’s history during the Holocaust, these several thousand gentiles are to be credited with a tremendous amount of bravery to have not only stood against the Nazis, but also against many of their own people in saving the lives of Jews. 

With antisemitism rising all over the world, it is a good reminder for us that no matter how many people will come against God’s land and people, He will always have a remnant who will stand with His Kingdom. 

Amidst an ever-growing darkness in the world, may we be counted amongst those who will be called “righteous among the nations” – who will have unconditionally stood with God’s Kingdom, His Word, the Jewish people and the land of Israel. 

Luke Hilton is director of marketing for HaYovel, an organization that brings Christians to Israel to serve the land and people. This opinion piece originally appeared here. Read Hilton's previous article here