Jerusalem Jane to Christians in new video: Stand up for God’s truth

Video blog from Jane Kiel: “As Christians, we have a responsibility.”

 Jane Kiel (photo credit: screenshot)
Jane Kiel
(photo credit: screenshot)

Jane Kiel, known on social media as “Jerusalem Jane,” has called Christians to stand up for Israel and pray for Israel at their church services on Sunday.

In a passionate message, Kiel stands with her Danish Bible in her hand and “speaks a little from my heart to all the Christians around the world.”

When Christians visit Israel, said Kiel, the Bible comes to life. But the Bible cannot be alive sometimes and other times not. 

“Every single word in this Book is true or nothing is true at all,” Kiel stresses. “Either we stand on everything or we stand on nothing.”

Israel is in the midst of a horrific wave of terror in which more than a dozen Israelis have been brutally murdered in recent weeks – “plainly executed in the streets of Israel,” Kiel said.

If Bible prophecy is being fulfilled every day that Jews walk the streets in God’s land, then Bible-believing Christians “need to stand up for that truth,” she continued. “For such a time is this! We need to say this Book is true. God did not change His mind. He did not.”

Arabs murdering Jews for living in Israel, said Kiel, turns the Bible into a lie.

“Christian friends around the world: Stand up for Israel,” Kiel repeated. “You cannot come to Israel on a Christian tour and not interact with the Jewish people. Not ‘comfort, comfort My people. Not hold the hand of a mother who had to bury her child who was murdered in terror attack.

“As Christians, we have a responsibility.”

Jane Kiel is a Christian Zionist from Denmark who has made Israel her home. Now, she is a Jerusalem-based journalist striving to tell the truth about Israel on her social media channels. Learn more about Kiel.