Morocco, kingdom of light: Tourism campaign creates desire to come, return

Moroccan National Tourism Office shares why and how it launched a new brand communications campaign.

 Morocco: Kingdom of Light (photo credit: Moroccan National Tourism Office)
Morocco: Kingdom of Light
(photo credit: Moroccan National Tourism Office)

One of the first things that catches your eye when discovering Morocco for the first time is undoubtedly its light.

That light is so special. It brings life to this earth, wherever it goes. It is a source of creation for artists of yesterday and today, a source of inspiration that stimulates the senses. It is a source of movement and energy.

At the heart of this journey, light illuminates these unique, sensory and human experiences, which we bring back and keep with us forever: the light of a sunset, the memory of a singular floral pattern, the vision of a glowing cliff at the bottom of a valley, the sweet taste of a spice, a breeze that delicately touches your face, the echo of a melody, the meeting with a brilliant stranger. 
Over the kingdom of Morocco, it is the light that has the power to inspire and energize.
Credit: Moroccan National Tourism OfficeCredit: Moroccan National Tourism Office

New brand campaign

This observation was the starting point for the redesign of the new Morocco brand communication platform. The ambition of "Morocco - Kingdom of light" is to create the desire to come and return to Morocco by revealing the multiple discoveries it has to offer. Much more than a country to visit, Morocco is a country that breathes life, through its arts, its living culture and its crafts.

To make this heritage shine before the world, and because Morocco is a unique country, we imagined a unique, daring campaign, breaking with the classic codes of communication of the Tourism sector.

A proposal that will resolutely mark a turning point in the country's communication in order to give it a new, powerful and differentiating breath. To address a new target, younger, but also in constant demand for the unexpected and discoveries, the campaign is committed to sublimating the wealth of the country. The goal is to imprint its splendor and affirm the avant-garde and modernity that characterizes it.

Moroccan National Tourism OfficeMoroccan National Tourism Office

Top artists

To reveal the culture that shines on this land, everywhere in its streets, its medinas and its palaces, particular attention has been paid to honoring the artists of yesterday and today.

Mohammed Melehi, a figurehead of Moroccan contemporary art, is one of the few essential artists whose work has been highlighted in the advertising film.

The colors of his famous "waves", the energy released by his work, his graphic construction, the sobriety and stripping of his aesthetics, make him the centerpiece of Moroccan pictorial art, creating a bridge between modernity and tradition. Alongside his works, the painter Samy Snoussi, the international collective of dancers of Steph H, the stylist Artsi Ifrach and a troupe of Gnaouas Marrakchie dancers also show a resolutely modern, dynamic Morocco that gives pride of place to its ancestral heritage.

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