Best TLV restaurants (part I)

Up and comming restaurant review site,, presents some of the best restaurants in the nation's culinary capital, Tel Aviv.

Pasta 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Pasta 521
(photo credit: Courtesy) has carefully constructed a list of best restaurants in the Jewish sin city of Tel Aviv. The list consists of places representing the past, present and future of Tel Aviv’s culinary landscape. This is a definite cut-n’-keep page. Be’teavon! (Non-Kosher)
David Ve Yossef If you have only one night to eat in Tel Aviv, I would recommend David Ve Yossef. The two-man culinary act prepares heavenly food in a way you’ve never had it.
The dining experience is both a show for your eyes and a gift to your appetite. The “tapas“ style portions are meant to be shared. Dishes on the daily special menu should not be missed. The truffle seafood risotto and the sumac calamari with lentil paste are definite show stoppers. The exquisite meal will steer your senses towards the mouthwatering future of Tel Aviv cuisine!
Contributing Writer: Natalie Salhov
Jaffa’s hectic flea market directs you into Puaa. It’s part of the spirit of this trendy part of Jaffa. Puaa brings market life to the dining table; every piece of furniture and decoration inside was born in the market and is for sale. Here, the culinary expedition centers on uncomplicated, rustic and rich dishes. The dedicated selection of vegetarian dishes, including chestnut gnocchi and vegetarian burgers, reflects on Puaa’s grounded and welcoming nature. When you reach Puaa, it’s as if you have found a secret treasure hidden in the heart of Jaffa.
In Europe, two brothers learn the secrets to making a perfect croissant. Croissants that live up to the standards set in Lyon, France. Eventually, they discover that the combination of a homemade croissant, a poached egg, rich cheese, rustic truffles and some slices of imported salami, makes a sandwich so tasty it takes your breath away. For an exotic Tel Aviv experience, join Adi and Roey in their little world of La Gaterie. It’s a place where, just for a few minutes, it takes you to France.
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