This scale measures everything from body fat to bone mass

It's here on sale for $32.99

  (photo credit: RoomieTEC)
(photo credit: RoomieTEC)

The Roomie Sophie Smart Body Scale and its free app is an incredible way for you and the whole family to approach health and fitness more fully. It's now on sale for only $32.99 (reg. $79).

When it comes to keeping in shape, there's nothing more vital than a healthy lifestyle that keeps your mind and body in the best shape they can be.

If you and the family want an easy way to keep tabs on your health in a more holistic way, the Roomie Sophie Smart Body Scale and its free app are now only $32.99 (reg. $79). 

This smart scale is easy to use, and paired with its compatible app, can help you understand your body better to reach your health and fitness goals. Rather than focusing solely on your weight as a health metric, Roomie Sophie measures 11 different metrics aside from weight.

Using four high-precision sensors, this innovative scale is anything but off base. Thanks to BIA technology, you'll get accurate two-decimal results up to a maximum capacity of 330 pounds. All your health info is streamlined into the app to give you a comprehensive view of where you're succeeding and where you may want to set new goals.

With the included Feelfit app, Roomie Sophie works with your objective body numbers and your workout regimen to ensure you're practicing appropriate care for your bones. The Workout Buddy allows you to set goals for yourself, as well as reset those goals if you fall short.

Because this smart scale cares more about a holistic approach than a number on the scale, you'll also get insights on measurements like metabolic age, BMI, body fat, protein, skeletal muscle, body water, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. This way, you'll have a well-rounded overview of your health instead of just your number weight. And since you'll get unlimited user profiles with this scale, you and your family can understand how they're adjusting to new diets, workouts, or life changes.

One verified user wrote, “[Roomie Sophie] is very easy to use, and I love that it syncs to my phone and also into my Carb Manager App … I have mine set up to display my weight (and progress), water %, bone mass, muscle %, body fat %, BMI, heart rate and weather.”

Get the Roomie Sophie Smart Body Scale with its free app for $32.99 (reg. $79).

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