Will the Israel-Lebanon deal play a role in elections? - opinion

With elections coming up and the new Lebanon-Israel maritime border deal, it may be a playing a major role in how people will vote.

Qatar, Arab States

US and Jordan deals shore up Iraqi-Jordanian security and electric needs

Iraqi and Jordanian officials met this year in an effort to begin a new electrical interconnection project.

Is your investment a good deal or a rip-off? It's all about perspective - opinion

There’s no question that performance is important, but I’d say the real benchmark is how your investment portfolio is doing vis-à-vis your goals and needs.


An appeal to Mandelblit - opinion

Benjamin Netanyahu might sign a plea deal with Mandelblit that will save him from jail time and require him to leave politics.

Netanyahu should take the plea deal - editorial

If the trial runs its course and Netanyahu is found guilty, his supporters will be further convinced that the trial was a witch hunt.

How Israel pioneers a form of collaboration that may save the planet

The water-for-energy deal made between Israel, Jordan and the UAE shows how collaboration can solve the planet's greatest problems.


Likud deal with far-right Otzma collapses at last moment

The Likud Party reportedly formulated a deal with the far-right Otzma Yehudit Party whereby the latter would drop out in return for which the Likud would lower the electoral threshold.

Things You Should Know About Best Deals Coupon Codes

If you’ve ever done any shopping online, chances are you’ve been offered a special discount promo code before.

By Leo Giosuè
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