Ditch the earbuds for these comfortable, open ear wireless headphones

  (photo credit: StackCommerce)
(photo credit: StackCommerce)

If you need a new pair of earphones for any of life's daily needs, these Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones are great for working out, commuting, or taking phone calls. They're now on sale for only $33.99.

Now that it's beginning to thaw, the outdoors calls us, beckoning us to step outside and enjoy the fresh air once again. Speaking of being called, here's a quick reminder that the earbuds you're using to jump into phone meetings are dying, and you could probably use a major upgrade this spring. A new pair of innovative doesn't need to be expensive, especially with these open ear headphones.

If you're looking for a replacement for that old bag of buds shuffling around your briefcase, we have just the solution. These Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones are not only incredibly practical, but they're now on sale for only $33.99 (reg. $109).

These wireless, open ear headphones are a great alternative to conventional buds. With an IPX6 water-resistance as well as a comfortable and ergonomic fit, you can run, jump, and sweat without losing sound while you lose a couple of pounds. And since the headphones are designed with bone conduction technology, they'll fit snugly over your ears while you're working towards feeling and being your best (whatever that looks like for you).

The same technology also sends the sound directly to your inner ears so you can enjoy crisp, clear sound quality without being bothered by the financier next to you on the bus, subway, or elevator. They'll last up to six hours a charge, so if those annoying ambient noises run especially long, you're still covered. 

Plus, per The Sacramento Bee, open-ear headphones have plenty of advantages over standard earbuds. Their design means you'll still retain situational awareness for safety when outdoors or crossing streets, and this tech could cause less ear damage.

In addition, the built-in mic lets you answer phone calls on the go (and hands-free, of course, thanks to Bluetooth). Give the headphones a minute or two to pair, and you're ready to roll.

See why the folks in our store gave these earphones a perfect 5-star rating. 

Get the Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones now for just $33.99 (reg. $109).

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