Antisemitic, racist graffiti scrawled on Yale campus

Police are investigating after antisemitic and racist graffiti was found at a construction site at Yale University.

Old Campus at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, November 28, 2012 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Old Campus at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, November 28, 2012
(photo credit: REUTERS)

Antisemitic and racist graffiti was found scrawled on a building under construction on the Yale University campus on two occasions in the past month, campus police announced on Tuesday.

On September 20, construction workers working on the Kline Biology Tower found antisemitic and racist graffiti that was spray-painted inside the building and on vandalized construction materials.

The Yale Police Department opened an investigation, increased security measures, installed additional security cameras and fortified the fencing around the site.

Later, on October 2, the cameras recorded a number of young adults jumping the fence and vandalizing the building, while spray-painting antisemitic and racist graffiti in the building.

Yale police are investigating both incidents and are asking for the public's help in identifying the people caught on camera (the photos can be seen here). Anyone with information can all 203-432-4400 to report to police.

"I am disgusted and angered that these individuals have spread messages of hate and intolerance at this worksite," said Ronnell Higgins, director of public safety and chief of police at Yale, in a statement. "With President Salovey’s support, my team and I are working intently to find those responsible. We also have increased patrols on campus. This is our community, and we will work tirelessly to protect it."

Peter Salovey, president of Yale University, stated that he was "outraged by these despicable and cowardly acts of hate" on Tuesday.

"Yale has stood and will continue to stand united against acts of hate," said Salovey.