Israel's democracy is under threat from messianic forces in gov't

Benjamin Netanyahu has empowered messianic forces for whom the democratic Israel envisaged by the Zionist forefathers is anathema.


39% of Americans believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than the US - survey

Americans Harboring Extensive Antisemitic Prejudice Doubled Since 2019; Reaches Highest Levels in Decades ADL survey also finds broad swath of Americans hold antisemitic, anti-Israel sentiment


Likud bill would revoke citizenship from ‘pay-for-slay’ terrorists

A new Likud MK admitted he "prefers Jewish murderers to Arab ones" and further said that "in the Jewish state, I prefer Jews over disloyal Arabs."

40% of Israeli Jewish students don't want an Arab teacher - survey

A new survey by the Levinsky-Wingate Academic Center has found that 40% of Jewish Israeli students would be opposed to an Arab teacher working at their school.


Likud MK's posts insulting ally Smotrich resurface in Knesset plenum

"Who said these things about Smotrich and his wife?" MK Ahmad Tibi rhetorically asked the Knesset before reading a 2016 post from Likud MK Tali Gottleib.

Israel must combat rising antisemitism worldwide

It is critical that Israel take responsibility, recognize, and expose the viral mutation and permeation of antisemitism as part and parcel of an unconventional, all-out war on its right to exist.

Will Netanyahu keep his allies from ending Israeli democracy? - editorial

It’s time for Netanyahu to put his feeble declarations that he’s the one in charge of the coalition into action. Otherwise, Israel will be headed into dark times.

How did black, Jewish communities go from friendship to tension? - opinion

We cannot forget that white supremacy is our common enemy. Racism and antisemitism are closely linked and often go hand in hand.

Netanyahu supports cancelling law banning racists from Knesset

The new law that the Likud plans to bring will replace clause in Basic Law that bars racists and terrorists from running for office.

Otzma Yehudit agreement includes clause to enable racists to run for Knesset

According to Otzma Yehudit, the law was applied unfairly toward Jewish extremists and therefore should be erased.

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