Anglo-Israeli singers' Airbnb song spreads like wildfire

PORTNOY say their first protest video was pulled from Facebook without explanation.

THE PORTNOY brothers sing about Airnbn in their latest song. (photo credit: screenshot)
THE PORTNOY brothers sing about Airnbn in their latest song.
(photo credit: screenshot)
PORTNOY, the British-Israeli singing duo, released a song late Thursday slamming Airbnb for its recent decision to remove listings in West Bank settlements.
"I'm gonna take you off my phone/ Until you stop discriminating on my home," the brothers sing in the new catchy clip. "I'm gonna take you off my phone/ Just like you wiped us off of your own."
The brothers, Sruli and Mendy, were outraged by the Airbnb decision this week, and wanted to add their voices to the call for the company to "stay out of politics... we should all boycott them instead," Sruli told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.
On Wednesday, they posted a clip to their Facebook page with a short version of the song "we wrote in about 20 minutes." But they were shocked and furious when it disappeared from the site with no explanation.
"Three hours after we released it, it just vanished from Facebook," Sruli said. "We didn't get a message from Facebook that there was a violation - it just disappeared as if it was never there... it felt very violating."
PORTNOY said the original video remains up on the StandWithUs Facebook page - and it spread like wildfire after it was posted.
"Already within a few hours it was clear that it was going to be massive," he said of the first video, which was viewed more than 70,000 times in the first 24 hours. "It's reached far beyond what we thought possible."
The new video takes on both Airnbnb and Facebook: "This used to be a little song about fair play/ Until they made our clip fly fly away," the brothers sing. "Doing disappearing tricks on what we sing/ Well hasn't this gone far beyond left or right wing."