NYPD arrest 14-year-old who threw eggs at Jewish kid

After yet another antisemitic attack, the NYPD has arrested a suspect for the assault of a Jewish teenager last month.

NYPD vehicle (photo credit: REUTERS)
NYPD vehicle
(photo credit: REUTERS)

A 14-year-old kid was arrested on Monday by the NYPD for assaulting a Jewish boy on East 18th Street in Brooklyn, New York last month.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Twitter account posted a recorded video last month of the incident taking place, where the kid and a few others threw eggs at him and made anti-Jewish statements.

The incident took place on October 24, when a group of youths attacked a Jewish teenager, making anti-Jewish statements, according to the police.

The NYPD asks to contact 800-577-TIPS with any information on other suspects.

Antisemitism in New York City

This incident comes after a wave of antisemitic attacks on Jews in New York City. On November 9, a gang attacked an orthodox Jewish man and knocked off his hat, according to Shmira Public Safety.

A video of the incident was published on the nonprofit organization's social media accounts, saying: "Yet another antisemitic attack on an innocent visibly Jewish person. A group of 4 assaulted the man, while knocking his hat off. Our members successfully apprehended the group after a brief foot pursuit. Tnx to NYPD for placing the assailant under arrest."

New York's Jewish community has been subject to increased antisemitic street violence over recent years, with the NYPD reporting that antisemitic hate crimes were up by 114%.

Michael Starr contributed to this article.