Suspended Labor MP tries to argue he's not an antisemite

In an argument recorded at the the university of Nottingham, MP Chris Williamson attempted to go against the claims of antisemitism against him

Official portrait of Chris Williamson (photo credit: CHRIS MCANDREW/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
Official portrait of Chris Williamson
Being accused of being an antisemite by a student at the of the University of Nottingham, suspended MP Chris Williamson retorted during a heated debate with the very same student in an attempt to rebuff those claims.
"Are you the most unlucky anti-racism campaigner or are you just an outright liar?" the student asked Chris Williamson, who responded: "I will take no lectures from people who attack my credentials as an anti-racism campaigner."
"If you are a screaming racist or an antisemite, why would you join a party with a tradition of fighting racism?"
"Surely you'd be far better off joining a fascist party like the British National Party or one of those sort of organizations," concluded his responses as the recorded debate between the MP and the student continued.
The Labor party as a whole has had a history of getting in trouble with the Jewish community.
According to a report which was submitted to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, "hard-core antisemites" joined the party because of Corbyn's election in September 2015 and that the term "Zionist" has seen a sharp spike in use since then as well in online Labour discussion groups.
The report was compiled by David Collier, who has also revealed in the past that the Labour leader was at one time a member of the Facebook group Palestine Live which contains antisemitic messages.
Collier searched through thousands of social media accounts and Facebook groups to document cases of Labour members "who did not publicly display antisemitic ideology until they became infected within the Labor Party mechanisms," according to the Telegraph.