UK Labour Party

Jewish lawmakers who left Corbyn-led Labour over antisemitism return

The three lawmakers serve in the House of Lords, the upper chamber of the British Parliament. They stayed on as independents after leaving Labour.

Novo Cemetery in London
Antisemitic banner hung on home facing London Sephardi Jewish cemetery

The banner was hung on a home facing the Novo Beth Chaim Cemetery, one of only two exclusively Sephardic Jewish cemeteries remaining in London.

UK Labour launch inquiry into findings of antisemitism probe

A UK Labour party spokesperson said: “The NEC has today agreed the terms of reference for the independent investigation into the circumstances, contents and release of an internal report."

Britain's opposition Labour Party new leader Keir Starmer
New UK Labour Party leader Starmer apologizes for party’s antisemitism

Keir Starmer won with 56.2% of the vote by party members and supporters.

Chair of the CFI’s Commons group MP Stephen Crabb (extreme left) leads delegates on a visit to the W
The Conservative Friends of Israel

Among the CFI’s early patrons was the former prime minister Anthony Eden, a strong ally of Israel in the 1956 Suez crisis. In 1975, Margaret Thatcher gave the group her endorsement.

Sanders: The US’s Corbyn test
Sanders: The US’s Corbyn test

To paraphrase Corbyn, under a Sanders presidency, the US’s warm relationship with Israel could come to an end. It remains to be seen if the US passes its Corbyn test.

London councillor to Labour Party: Drop 'zero-tolerance' to antisemitism

The constituency's MP, David Lammy, slammed the amendment and came out in support of the Jewish Labour members that also spoke out against it.

Opinion: Labour Party is in decline, here's why

“The Labor Party has reached a shameful post-Zionist end,” so what is going on and why?

How well can British Labour candidates tackle antisemitism in the party?

Corbyn remains highly popular among the membership; a recent YouGov poll found him to be the members’ most popular Labour leader in the last century.

Record high antisemitic incidents recorded in UK in 2019

The annual report also recorded 157 incidents of physical assault in 2019, an increase of 27% from the 124 incidents of this type recorded in 2018, and represented the highest-ever number of assaults

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