Diaspora Week to commence today

Diaspora Week highlights the unique bond the Jewish state shares with its Jewish brethren abroad.

Jerusalem's Old City lit during Diaspora Ministry solidarity event for Jewish communities hit by COVID-19 (photo credit: JEREMY SHARON)
Jerusalem's Old City lit during Diaspora Ministry solidarity event for Jewish communities hit by COVID-19
(photo credit: JEREMY SHARON)

In the wake of a particularly challenging year for Jewish communities around the world, the Diaspora Week events starting today will be held under the title “We are all with and for the world” and the hashtag “#Forever_Am”, which is meant to demonstrate the resilience of the Jewish people.

The events taking place these days in Russia and Ukraine make us all understand how good it is for Jews everywhere in the world to have strong backing from other Jews worldwide and an emphasis on Israel being there and sending helpers in times of need.

Following a government decision on strengthening ties with Diaspora Jewry, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett – who was both Education and Diaspora Affairs minister at the time – Diaspora Week is held annually, its aim being to strengthen ties and the mutual guarantee between the State of Israel and the Jewish people in the Diaspora in light of the challenging issues both communities face.

Diaspora Week is organized by the Diaspora Affairs Ministry in conjunction with other organizations and government departments, including the President’s House, the Jewish Agency, the Education Ministry, AMI, Masa, ANU Museum of the Jewish people and other organizations.

During Diaspora Week, a major event will be held at the Nation’s Buildings in Jerusalem on Monday, which will be broadcast on the Facebook page of the Diaspora Affairs Ministry. There will be a special event with President Isaac Herzog, who will be presented with the Diaspora Index.

Jewish Diaspora women arriving in Israel (credit: MOMENTUM)Jewish Diaspora women arriving in Israel (credit: MOMENTUM)

In addition to these events, there will be a variety of special activities at the Jewish People Museum, among them Jewish fashion shows in the Diaspora, a unique show by Guri Alfi and the “New Jew”, the opening of the Bnei Menashe exhibition with support from the Indian Jewish Heritage Center, and a film featuring Leonard Cohen’s original photographs from his visits to Israel.

ANU – The Museum of the Jewish People, is the Jewish Museum of the World. It opened about a year ago on the Tel Aviv University campus, featuring the wonderful history and culture of the Jewish people in all of its variety. 

This week, the Museum of Diaspora will be free to the public, sponsored by Diaspora Affairs Ministry.

“Diaspora Week illustrates the unity and mutual connection that exists between Israeli society and the Diaspora, which we strive to strengthen every day," according to its minister, Dr. Nachman Shai. "A world still under the influence of corona, in the shadow of a terrible Iran and a tumultuous war, makes the connection between the Jewish communities in [the people of] Israel more vital than ever. Judaism’s values of mutual guarantee and helping others teach every Jew wherever they are that they are not alone.

“In the coming week, we will see a little bit of the wider world of Diaspora Jews – for all of Israeli society, including children and families, teenagers and students – in museums, on campus, in the bar, in cultural halls and in the cinema," Shai said.

"I invite you to get a glimpse into the cultural, song and diverse world of Diaspora Jews — this week and throughout the year, all over the world.”