Eduard Shyfrin’s appeal to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine

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 Eduard Shyfrin (photo credit: ALON MOR)
Eduard Shyfrin
(photo credit: ALON MOR)

“You shall not stand by (the shedding of) your fellow’s blood. I am the L-rd.” Leviticus 19:16

“There are many examples in the Bible,” says Eduard Shyfrin, “that show that G-d treats the Jewish people as a single whole. This goes in parallel with the Kabbalistic teaching about the Jewish Collective Soul, which was formed at the foothills of Mount Sinai. The essence of the idea is that any action – good or bad – of any Jew, affects the entire Jewish people, including the souls of those not yet born and of those who have passed. By saving another Jew, we are saving the collective Jewish soul and ourselves.”

For Eduard Shyfrin, originator of the theory of the “Kabbalah of Information,” the past year has been a year of learning and advancement, but it has also been coupled with sadness over the aggression against his native Ukraine.

 >>> Click here to donate to World Jewish Relief’s Winter Appeal campaign for the Jews of Ukraine. 

Jews worldwide, he says, must step up and assist the Jewish community of Ukraine to help them survive the difficult winter in their war-torn country. Shyfrin has been a steadfast supporter of the Jewish community in Ukraine for many years but says that the type of support needs to be adjusted.  

“Over the past twenty-five years,” he explains, “I have financed the construction of synagogues and Jewish educational centers in Ukraine, but today, the situation has changed. As a result of the barbaric actions of the Russian Federation, millions of Ukrainian people have been deprived of their basic needs. Accordingly, we need to adjust our strategy of giving, and help the Jewish community in Ukraine survive the frigid winter. Many communities have experienced rolling blackouts, damaged homes and critical water shortages.”

“Charitable donations to Ukraine should be sent via reliable, professional Jewish charities that are well-represented on the ground and are familiar with day-to-day life there,” he continues. “One such organization is World Jewish Relief, the leading British Jewish charity, which has a long and successful experience working in Ukraine. It provides winterization assistance, support for refugees, essential humanitarian aid and many more services.”

 “I am making my pledge and asking Jewish people worldwide for their help!”

 Click here to donate to World Jewish Relief’s Winter Appeal campaign for the Jews of Ukraine.