Sarah Silverman looks for Jewish allies on the streets of New York

Sarah Silverman walked around New York City to find some pro-Semitism and succeeded.

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman (photo credit: REUTERS)
Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman
(photo credit: REUTERS)

With the rise of antisemitism both online and in person, Sarah Silverman walked the streets of New York City to find some pro-Semitism by interviewing some random New Yorkers in a comedic video for CTV Comedy Central.

"What do you like about Jews?" Silverman asked the first few New Yorkers. "They make banging Christmas albums," one person said. "What is there not to love about Jews? The food, the culture, the celebrations," exclaimed another. 

Silverman then stopped a big group of men from Belgium asking them what "Jewy" things they have done so far in what she described as "the land of Jews." When they asked her to explain "Jewy," she asked them if they'd ever had a bagel, to which they replied multiple yeses. "Jews!" She said excitedly. She asked if they'd had the polio shot, they all said yes, and she excitedly yelled "Jews," again with her arms in the air.

She then asked who their favorite comedians were to which one Belgian guy quickly said, Jerry Seinfeld.

Who are their favorite Jews?

Idina Menzel, Barbra Streisand and Amy Winehouse were a few mentioned when Silverman asked who their favorite Jews were. She then told two women that Doja Cat is Jewish and jokingly suggested that she should change her name to Doja Katz.

One person struggled to think of a famous Jew, saying that he didn't want to say a name of a famous person and them not being Jewish. She asked him if he can think of anyone who sounds Jewy to which he asked Silverman if she was Jewish. When she said yes, he said that she was his favorite famous Jew.

To be or not to be a friend to the Jewish people

Silverman asked the Belgian men if they will be an ally to the Jewish people during this time of antisemitism to which they replied "Yes, of course." She then goes and asks how they would protect her. One replied, "I will speak up for you," and another said, "I will light the Menorah with you."

Toward the end of the video, Silverman asked a guy what he thinks about the rising antisemitism. "I don't believe in hate in any form," he replied. "I don't care what your walk of life, religion, culture. I don't believe you should hate anybody. Just bring love." Silverman looks at him and congratulates him for being a Jewish ally and jokingly telling him he won two concert tickets to Kanye West and asking if he would go. "Hell no, I don't like Kanye," he replied.