Jewish students run amok, hurl treif as celebrations descend into chaos

The police were eventually summoned to corral the masked hooligans, though no arrests were made.

Chaos on school grounds as young Jews whip baking goods at each other
Unkosher chickens were flung and a rape alarm was pulled during "muck-up" day at Europe's biggest Jewish school.
According to the Evening Standard, students at JFS, celebrating the end of their studies at the school, capitalized on the traditional 'prank day' style event, taking things to a new level by pelting the school grounds, and each other, with eggs, poultry, stink bombs, foam and flour.
After being ordered off the school's premises, the students took to a nearby park where they resumed their shenanigans but then tried to reenter school grounds, scaling the security fence and launching fireworks at the school.
The police were eventually summoned to corral the masked hooligans, though no arrests were made.
"The teachers couldn't go round picking out the trouble-makers, so they had to send the whole year home," said one student, indicating that the scale of the devastation was so wide that the school's administration had to resort to collective punishment to exact justice.
The sweeping expulsion of the students from the school's perimeter caused much dis-array among many students.
“We were very confused at first, because we didn’t do anything wrong. They chose to take it out on the entire year. Some of us couldn’t get home because we need the school buses.”
Yet authorities at the school asserted that the decision to begin study leave early was not a "mass suspension", despite the fact that parents of the students received an email from the headteacher expressing the administration's "deep regret" at taking "this course of action", i.e. dismissing the year 11 students.
"I want my children to be safe, and if that was the only way to calm the situation, the school was right to send them home" said one panicked and shock-stricken parent of a year 11 student.