Jewish woman: Adolf Hitler was her next-door neighbor

Alice Frank Stock recalled seeing the German dictator on several occasions.

German Fuhrer Adolph Hitler doing a Nazi salute (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
German Fuhrer Adolph Hitler doing a Nazi salute
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
101-year-old Alice Frank Stock says she lived in the same apartment block as Adolf Hitler while growing up in Munich, Fox News reported on Wednesday, citing British news agency SWNS.
"We lived in a house – a big house – and there were two entrances," Stock, who now lives in Bristol, told SWNS. "One was our apartment, number 14 – the other was either number 13 or 15. That’s where Hitler lived."
Hitler's half-niece Geli Raubal is believed to have lived in the block, reportedly committing suicide at 23 by shooting herself in the head with the gun of the Nazi leader. "We heard many [rumors], from the cook and others. We saw a coffin being carried out of the entrance," Stock said.
The German dictator reportedly had a romantic relationship with Gaubal, various sources have suggested, while the exact nature of their relationship remains unknown. Sources have also speculated that Gaubal was, in fact, murdered, rather than having taken her own life.
"There was speculation of how and when she died. I think there was truth in it that the coffin was carried out and in it was a woman. But there was no confirmation ever – and you couldn’t talk openly," she said.
"Once I went to the opera – I got tickets through the school, it was in the royal box," Stock said. "I got there in the evening and there were SS men saying, 'You can't come in here – go two boxes further down.' As the curtain went up I looked at the royal box – and there was Hitler sitting there."
She recalled seeing the dictator on several occasions. "I saw him once or twice coming home, too. His car would draw up," Stock recalled. "Two SS men would jump out stand either side, and he would rush up to the house – terrified obviously of someone who would try to kill him."
According to Bristol Live, Stock was born in 1918 in a small Bavarian town called Augustburg, where her father worked as a public prosecutor. When she was three months old, Stock's family relocated to Bavaria's capital where her father worked as a High Court judge.
Upon becoming chancellor in 1934, Hitler began spending time at a villa near Brechtesgaden, retaining ownership of the apartment that is deemed the birthplace of the German National-Socialist Workers Party, also known as the Nazi party.