Adolf Hitler

The Austrian-born Nazi leader and key protagonist in World War II, in which he turned his anti-Semitic views, first espoused in Mein Kampf, into a continent-wide genocide of the Jewish people.

New AI app lets you talk to historical figures, including Hitler

The "Historical Figures" app allows you to have conversations with any of 20,000 prominent people from history (including some key Israeli figures).


In ‘My Neighbor Adolf,’ the guy next door is Hitler - review

That’s the somewhat bizarre premise of the engaging black comedy My Neighbor Adolf, directed by Leon Prudovsky and co-written by Dmitry Malinsky.

Likud MK's posts insulting ally Smotrich resurface in Knesset plenum

"Who said these things about Smotrich and his wife?" MK Ahmad Tibi rhetorically asked the Knesset before reading a 2016 post from Likud MK Tali Gottleib.

A great war, financial ruin and more: Nostradamus predictions for 2023

The 15th-century astrologer predicted the rise of Hitler and the fall of the Twin Towers. Which of his predictions could we see come true in 2023?

German Fuhrer Adolph Hitler doing a Nazi salute

Children 'sieg heil' during school play in UK, sparking outrage

Children were photographed performing the Nazi salute during a play; the actor said he was showing them how easily manipulated they are.

'Musk Twitter takeover worse than anything Hitler did' - Twitter parody account

The satire comparison from a parody account comes against a backdrop of high-profile figures making headlines for remarks targeting Jews.

‘I like Hitler,' Kanye West says, denies Holocaust in Alex Jones interview

The rapper also asserted that Hitler, who West said had redeeming qualities, "didn't kill 6 million Jews."

The CNN building (L) in Dubai Media City Park March 17, 2016.

CNN cuts ties with producer that said he was 'team Hitler,' supports Hamas

"I have shifted to team Germany after finding out that [footballer Lionel] Messi supports Israel #teamHitler," a CNN freelance producer had written on social media.

Candace Owens: You can order and read 'Mein Kampf' on Amazon

Owens spoke about this in the context of NBA player Kyrie Irving's recent comments on controversial book-turned-film Hebrews to Negros: Wake Up Black America.

German Fuhrer Adolph Hitler doing a Nazi salute

'Hitler wanted a country for white people,' man chased out of a school

A 20-year-old was arrested and is scheduled to appear in Hamilton Sheriff's Court on November 22nd.

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