Jim Jefferies video captures comedian's antisemitic, anti-Islamic slurs

Recording on a secret camera, Yemini proved that the segment in which he was interviewed was altered by Jefferies and his production team to defame the right-wing activist.

Provocative stand-up comic Jim Jefferies. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Provocative stand-up comic Jim Jefferies.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Right-wing Jewish activist Avi Yemini has exposed famous Australian comedian Jim Jefferies for hypocrisy, antisemitism and anti-Islamic sentiments, including providing video footage showing Jefferies calling Yemini's kippa "a little dumb."
Yemini, an Australian activist and founder of IDF Training, the largest Krav Maga training center in Australia, said that he was invited to be a guest on a Jefferies special to be aired on Comedy Central.
Recording on a secret camera, Yemini proved that the segment in which he was interviewed was altered by Jefferies and his production team to defame the right-wing activist, and later used the segment to try and connect him to the Christchurch shooter. He told viewers in a YouTube video that he knew it would be a set up.
"So, a few months ago, Jim Jefferies’ producer contacted me and asked me to come on as a guest to his show," Yemini said in a video posted to his YouTube channel. "Now, I agreed with two conditions: one, there will be no Neo-Nazis or Nazi sympathizers on the same segment, because I don’t want to be aligned to them and I don’t want to give them any legitimacy or anything like that. Common sense. The second one was that they don’t cut my answers from one question and put it to another."
He went on to explain that to his "horror, but not my surprise, they did exactly both. Both those things. But they went even further. They connected me to the Christchurch shooter. To the terrorist. So it’s important to remember that this was filmed a few months ago, and not in response to the Christchurch massacre, as they seem to be alluding to here."
"It was a set-up," he explained, "so, what I did was, I got there, and I secretly put my phone down to record the entire segment."
In the segment aired by Jefferies in his show, the comedian asks Yemini, "What gives anyone the right to tell them where they can and can’t live?"
The segment quotes Yemini as responding: "When we import this culture what do you think is going to happen? Australia’s gonna (sic.) end up the same sh*t hole that they came from, that they were escaping."
However, the hidden camera segment recorded secretly by Yemini on his cell phone tells a totally different story.
Yemini answers the question by saying that "borders and government" decide where people can or cannot live, to which Jefferies responds, "I know borders, but wouldn’t it just be nice if we got to a place in society... A utopia where we all just lived as one?"
Yemini then tells Jefferies that "On on a level, I agree with you... I think most people, most people, you know, sensible people, would agree with you in theory... But in practice, it goes against human nature. It just doesn’t work."
Yemini didn't show the part of the segment where made he made the comments about Australia ending up like the "same sh*thole" where immigrants come from" in his hidden camera segment.
The hidden camera also captured Jefferies drawing the prophet Mohamed, which in Islam is considered blasphemy, and also insulted burkas, calling them "stupid and demeaning." He later told Yemini that his kippah, referring to it as a hat, "is a little dumb."
Jefferies also said that "he is not a big fan of Islam" and spoke about a dingo eating Muslim children.
The world-famous comedian has advocated for immigrants "to be celebrated" and fought for their right and acceptance during segments of his TV show The Jim Jefferies Show. He has also been critical of US President Donald Trump and his policies on immigration.