Trans-racial model cut off the air for saying she can have black baby

German model Martina Big claimed she can produce a black child with her white husband, she claims to be trans-racial having darkened her skin using artificial means.

German model Martina Big was forced off the air during an interview she gave Holly Willoughby on This Morning on Tuesday after the model claimed she can have a black baby, with a white husband.
Big, who was born as a white woman, strongly identifies as black and had darkened her skin using severe tanning and melanin injections, reports the Sun.
Born under the name of Martina, Big claims to have the largest breast implants in Europe and had undertaken the Swahili name Malaika Kubwa [Big Angel] after a trip to Kenya.
Former president of NAACP in Spokane Rachel Dolezal resigned in 2015 after it became public knowledge that she is not of African-American heritage, despite idenfiying as black, she was fired from her position as an instructor in Africana Studies in Eastern Washington University.
Wolfgang Seibert had to resign from his position as head of the Reform Jewish community of Pinneberg in Germany after it became public knowledge that he isn't Jewish.