Trump debate guest Malik Obama reportedly a Hamas sympathizer

The photograph, unearthed by Israeli media, was taken in 2010 while Malik Obama attended a conference in Yemen.

The final Presidential debate was marked by a series of interruptions as the candidates clashed in a fiery showdown
A debate invitation extended by Republican nominee Donald Trump to US President Barack Obama's half-brother has raised eyebrows across social media, in what some are claiming to be his support for Palestinian terror organization Hamas.
In 2014, Kenyan-born Malik Obama was pictured wearing a red and white Keffiyeh, a traditional Arab scarf favored by the Gaza-based terror group, with the slogan “Jerusalem is ours, we are coming,” and “From the river to the sea” stitched into the article of clothing.
The chant is popular among supporters of Hamas, who advocate for the violent annihilation of Israel and seek the the complete extermination of the Jewish people.
The photograph, unearthed by Israeli media, was taken in 2010 while Malik Obama attended a conference in Yemen. 
Malik Obama, three-years older and reportedly estranged from the president, currently resides in Washington DC. 
It remains unclear if Trump or his campaign were aware of the photograph or Malik Obama's ostensible views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
The third and final presidential debate is set to take place at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Wednesday evening and will be moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace.
Meanwhile, Trump is scheduled to speak via satellite next Wednesday to a rally for the unity of Jerusalem that the Republican party in Israel will sponsor on the roof of the Aish HaTorah building overlooking the Western Wall.
The rally came in response to the scandal involving UNESCO's decision about Jerusalem. Republicans in Israel chairman Marc Zell will also address the rally.
Right-wing Israeli politicians have told organizers that they want to come, but they're unlikely to be ask to speak at the event.
One of the of the organizers said that there was a very small chance that Trump could surprise everyone by coming himself.