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Barack Obama
No Holds Barred: Obama and Israel: The final insult

What a tragedy for the legacy of Barack Obama, whose countless assurances of “having Israel’s back” have proven worthless.

Obama and Putin
Comment: 2016, Obama’s hope to Putin’s reality

In this brave new world, or nightmare, depending on who you ask, Russian President Vladimir Putin is the rational model.

Obama Riyadh
Obama after Obama

The UN move may be seen as an indication to the career of “Obama after Obama.”

Barack Obama
Candidly Speaking: Will betraying Israel be Obama’s farewell gesture?

The reality is that Obama’s appalling foreign policy has been geared toward the creation of “daylight” between the US and Israel.

Obama and Netanyahu
The benefits of ‘Obama parameters'

The Clinton Parameters need to be brought up to date, and President Obama may do so between the US presidential elections and the inauguration of the next president.

US presdieential debate
Trump debate guest Malik Obama reportedly a Hamas sympathizer

The photograph, unearthed by Israeli media, was taken in 2010 while Malik Obama attended a conference in Yemen.

US President Barack Obama paying respects to the late Shimon Peres.
Obama: “I see myself in Peres’s story”

The two men were an odd diplomatic couple; yet, upon hearing of Peres’s death, Obama stopped his schedule and took a 12-hour flight to eulogize a man, already two years out of office.

President Barack Obama boards Marine One at the Hope landing zone for departure en route to Chicago
Know comment: Obama the preacher, exit left

He ostentatiously believes in the potency of his own whimsical, wayward worldview, despite a global security collapse

obama israel
Column one: Obama’s denouement

Since he entered office nearly eight years ago, Obama’s foreign policy has always sought to kill two birds with one stone.

Netanyahu, Obama to meet in New York on Wednesday

Diplomatic officials say the meeting will take place at the hotel where Obama will be staying while both are in town for the UN General Assembly.

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