WATCH AGAIN: NYC's Times Square turns blue and white to celebrate Israel

A four-minute video played in the heart of New York City at one of its most recognizable tourist destinations.

Israel's Ministry of Culture and Sport celebrates Israel at a blue and white part at New York City's Time Square after the Annual Israeli Day Parade, June 3, 2018 (AVS)
As part of the Celebrate Israel Parade in honor of Israel’s 70th year of independence, a four-minute video played in the heart of New York City at one of its most recognizable tourist destinations.
Earlier Sunday, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon led a diplomatic delegation of UN ambassadors from around the world in a march at the event.
Among the emissaries who joined Danon at the parade were the representatives of Canada, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Ukraine and Romania.
“I am pleased to initiate a new tradition of UN ambassadors marching in support of Israel at this important parade. Our adversaries may seek to harm us, but today we see the significance of our friends from around the world promoting voicing their support for Israel in the most public of forums,” said Danon.
“For the first time, the wonder that is called Israel will be displayed on the enormous screens of Times Square in a once-in-70-years event,” Culture Minister Miri Regev, who also attended the parade, said.
“Times Square is a bustling, innovative and worthy place to serve as a hypnotizing showcase for Israeli breakthroughs in all fields,” she added. “Join me in Times Square, and together we will direct the hands of time to 70 years of vision and fulfillment, which embody the dreams of thousands of years.”
Regev appeared in person at the event, alongside popular Israeli singer Shiri Maimon, who performed several of her best-known songs. The event was organized by the Culture Ministry and the Israeli Consulate in New York as a celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday.
The video displays and celebrates Israeli innovation in various fields, including irrigation, desalination, sustainable energy and space exploration. Video snippets include astronaut Ilan Ramon floating in the Columbia, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shaking hands with US President Donald Trump, views of Jerusalem’s Old City and black-and-white footage from the Knesset.