British ambassador adds a sabra baby girl to his family

Matthew Gould is Britain's first Jewish envoy to Israel; Rachel Elizabeth Gould was born at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.

gould wife baby 311 (photo credit: Miri Gattnyo)
gould wife baby 311
(photo credit: Miri Gattnyo)
She was actually supposed to arrive on April 5, but Rachel Elizabeth Gould, the Sabra child of British Ambassador Matthew Gould and his wife Celia decided to enter the world a little earlier than anticipated.
She was was born at 4.10 a.m on 1 April at the Lis Maternity Hospital at the Tel Aviv Medical Centre. She wasn't quite an April Fooll's Day prank, but she did have her parents and the British Foreign Office fooled for several weeks, given that several British Embassy events were planned so as not to overlap with April 5, the day on which her parents had been led to believe that she would be born.
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Editor's Notes: A most intriguing ambassador
The ambassador, who is usually seen in a business suit, was very casually dressed when photographed with his wife and daughter soon after Rachel Elizabeth's birth.
Presumably over the next few weeks, diplomatic matters will take a back seat to paternal pride, and eloquence will give way to the strange diminutives of speech that adults adopt when talking to babies.
Rachel Elizabeth has added to the number of firsts in the Gould family.
Not only is her father the first British Ambassador of the Jewish faith to be sent to Israel, the first British ambassador to wear a Union Jack kippa in Israel and the first British ambassador to visit the Jewish Agency, but she's also the Goulds' first child, and as mentioned above she was born on April 1.