Lawmakers from around the world gather in J'lem

Two-day conference of Christian parliamentarians aims to send a message to Iran about Israel's longevity.

Knesset building with State symbol 390 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post)
Knesset building with State symbol 390
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post)
Dozens of Christian parliament members from 18 countries around the world will come to Jerusalem on Tuesday for a two-day conference in which they intend to send Iran a message about Israel’s longevity.
The parliament members will hold a press conference with Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein and former tourism minister Benny Elon, who serves as president of the Israel Allies Foundation, an umbrella group of pro- Israel parliament members across the globe that has offices in Jerusalem, Washington and Brussels.
“The participation of dozens of MP’s from around the world is a show of strength and sends a strong message of identification with the Israeli government’s struggle to end the Iranian nuclear program,” Elon said.
“The representatives that come to Jerusalem are true ambassadors of Israel and the Jewish people to nations around the world. The partnership between the Jewish people and representatives of the free world is the only way to ensure that we will overcome all the threats that jeopardize Israel’s security and risk world peace.”
Even organizers said that during the press conference the caucus representatives will present a solution to combat the Iranian nuclear threat. A formal resolution will be presented to the Israeli government.
Congressmen will come from the US and members of parliament from Canada, Brazil, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Uruguay, Portugal, United Kingdom, Estonia, Hungary and Spain.
During the conference, the visiting politicians will discuss ways to strengthen their support for Israel and will meet with Israeli officials.
Besides Iran, the conference will focus on Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital and the issue of Jewish and Arab refugees.
The foundation was an outgrowth of the movement launched in 2004 in the Knesset when MKs from across the political spectrum formed the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. The Caucus was formed to develop better ties between Knesset Members and pro-Israel leaders worldwide.
As a result of the relationships fostered by these pioneers in the Knesset, in 2006 the US House of Representatives formed the first governmental caucus, the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus.
Since then additional caucuses have been formed in Uruguay, Brazil, South Africa, Finland, Britain, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Canada and Malawi, and the list continues to grow.