Meridor: I won't sit in a gov't that limits High Court

Deputy prime minister says he returned to politics in part to stop attacks on the High Court from a wave of attacks.

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor 311 (R) (photo credit: David W Cerny / Reuters)
Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor 311 (R)
(photo credit: David W Cerny / Reuters)
Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor threatened to resign from the cabinet if the government passes laws that limit the High Court of Justice.
"I returned to government in order to stop such things," Meridor told Channel 2's Meet the Press on Saturday, reiterating, "There's no doubt that I won't be in a government that advances laws like that."
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Meridor said, however, that he doesn't believe the government would allow the bills to be advanced.
Contentious pieces of legislation making their way through the Knesset, he explained, are part of an attack that began a number of years ago. "Among other reasons, I returned to politics in order to stop the attack on the Supreme Court that began during the term (of the previous government)."
That "wave of attacks," Meridor explained, aim to create a different Israel. "Instead of an Israel that is national, liberal and very democratic," he said, the current legislation is attempting to create "a more nationalist Israel."
"I think we're fighting for the spirit of our country, for its existence, our freedom, our liberty, freedom of expression, freedom of association and for human dignity," Meridor added.
Two laws have been proposed recently that would affect the High Court. One would limit the public's ability to petition the court and the second would change the way justices are appointed to it.
MK Danny Danon (Likud) reacted to the statement, saying Meridor is free to leave the Likud party if he doesn't like its policies.
"We won't turn the Likud into a branch of Kadima," Danon said in a statement Saturday evening. "Whoever doesn't accept the majority position in the Likud should reach a conclusion about his place in politics."
"The door is open for Minister Meridor," Danon added.