PA statehood bid on hold as UNSC reviews report

No vote raised and unclear when, or if vote will be brought to Security Council on whether Palestinians meet criteria for admission to UN.

UN Security Council_311 (photo credit: Reuters)
UN Security Council_311
(photo credit: Reuters)
The UN Security Council met Friday in New York behind closed doors to review a report presented on whether the Palestinians meet the criteria for admission to the UN, but did not raise a vote on the issue, nor is it clear when or if such a vote would be brought to the body.
Palestinians acknowledge that they do not have the nine votes necessary to obtain a favorable vote at the Security Council on their membership.RELATED:'France, Britain expected to abstain from PA UNSC vote''We'll change face of Mideast if settlements continue'
The Security Council had no set timetable as to when, or whether, a vote on the issue would take place.
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said after the meeting that it is unclear what will happen next in the Security Council as to the Palestinians' bid for admission.
"The Palestinians have to make their own choice as to how to proceed," Rice said after the meeting. "They've presented their application. The Council has done its part thus far, and, I think, reported in a timely and responsible way. And what the Palestinians decide to do next we will, I think, all be waiting to see."
"The United States has made its own views quite clear, both directly to the Palestinians and to the larger international community and the Council membership," Rice said."We'll look to see what they choose to do."