About Me: Adina Carmi

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TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Age: 78 Residence: Kibbutz Afikim Married? With children? widowed, 5 girls Occupation: ookbinder Education: 2 years of college Pets: None Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish Last person / party I voted for: Labor My history (100 words max): Born in the US,came on aliya at the age of 22, have always lived in a kibbutz since then. Widowed with 5 daughters, 8 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren Family history (100 words max): Parents came from Russia to the US before WWI. Brought up 9 kids in Toledo, Ohio. Moved to Detroit when I was 8. Were religious and musically inclined My connection with Israel: Living in a kibbutz after being in a youth movement from age 16 Defining moment: aliya in 1951 Daily routine: Up at 6:45 Work or study group from 8:00 Lunch at 12:30 Reading and/or dealing with emails. Rest to 16:00 Evenings: cultural activities On Friday night, I... Have supper at the dining hall; then I visit a sick lady friend until 21:00 and finish with a TV concert or ballet Last book I read was: On The Road to Baghdad by Gunily Gun Comfort food: Dark chocolate My mentor: my various teachers ( Art, Music, Alternative medicine, Tao) 3 wishes: 1) Good health for all of the family 2) Peace in our time 3) Prosperity for the kibbutz and the country Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 9 TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants