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Try one yourself >>> Age: 35 Residence: Clearwater, Florida, USA Married? With children? Yes, not yet Occupation: Musician/Drummer, DaveHertz.com webmaster Education: Bachelor's degree Pets: Shmendrik (Netherlands Dwarf rabbit) Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish / Chabad Last person / party I voted for: Chayil - Jewish National Front My history (100 words max): Born and raised in Massachusetts. Graduated from college in Vermont in 1996 and moved to Florida in 1997. Married in 2004, working as a professional musician/drummer and currently living in Tampa Bay Family history (100 words max): See "My connection with Israel" below My connection with Israel: Father born in Israel and served in the Haganah. Grandfather helped to found the Egged Bus Cooperative. Great-grandfather was a founding member of the Carmel Winery. My Bar-Mitzvah was held at the Kotel and I hold Israeli citizenship Defining moment: May 14, 1948 @ 4:06pm Daily routine: Depends on the day On Friday night, I... If I'm not playing a gig with my band, then I can usually be found at Chabad services before enjoying dinner at a fine restaurant Last book I read was: Contents Under Pressure: 30 Years of Rush at Home and Away Comfort food: If it's kosher, then it's a legitimate target! My mentor: Far too many to list - from my family to the people of Israel, from David Ben-Gurion to Geddy Lee. And the list goes on.... 3 wishes: 1.) Shalom Al Yisra'el 2.) Am Yisra'el Chai 3.) Chazak V'Amatz Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 8 Try one yourself >>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants