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TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Age: 63 Residence: Rosemead, California Married? With children? Nope, dogs and horses! Occupation: Newly retired, but in law firms for 42 very long years Education: Yes, I had one Pets: Now only one Basenji (dog), Rory, he's a delight Religious affiliation / observance: This is the hard part; Lutheran turned Jewish (discovered I was half Jewish in my 20s!) Surprise! Last person / party I voted for: I "was" Republican-Bush, Independent now Next person / party I will vote for: Probably Republican, Dems are NUTS! My history (100 words max): On mother's side, we go back to the Mayflower (seriously), they came here in 1623; on dad's side, his mother was from Jamaica (Sephardic), father born in US but German Jew (Ashkenazi). They all became Lutherans, amazing. But when I discovered I was half Jewish, about 21 or so, I converted, always had a great "feeling" for anything Jewish anyway, I studied, I converted, very happy about it. A horse and dog person all my life, now I just enjoy life and hope to see Israel some day Family history (100 words max): My family history: My dad and his dad were born in NYC, my great-grandfather was from Mannheim, Germany. My dad's mother was from Kingston, Jamaica, a big Jewish family there, originally by way of Spain, she went to NY in late 1800's to marry my German Grandfather. They moved to California, had a ranch here, my dad and his uncle had also been in early show biz, burlesque, song and dance, a long time ago, my dad and uncle were very funny, wonderful men. My mom's side, as I said, were all English and French, by way of the Mayflower and Quebec, what a confusing pedigree, huh? Totally American My connection with Israel: Sometimes I think I would love to live in Israel, but I frankly don't know how you guys do it - you got guts! But, of course, I would give anything for about 3 weeks there, how fabulous would that be? But I can't figure out how to leave my dog - could I bring him? On Friday night... Frankly, I feel pretty silly doing Shabbat by myself, so I don't, unless I go to Temple, which I do occasionally, but not often because an older, single woman is on the fringe and I feel like a fish out of water, it's difficult What I would take with me to a deserted island: My dog, lots of books and classical music! Last book I read was: Wow, I'm currently reading five or six, but just this morning I was reading "On the Hunt," by Col. David Hunt - how to wake up Washington and win the war on terror. I'm very much into this problem, it is about survival, for all of us. I have a large library on it and I read all the news and must know everything that's going on everywhere all the time. It gets a little nervewracking, but we have to be strong, don't we. We must win, folks Comfort food: "Mince and rice," something my Sephardic grandmother made, and, of course, the All-American cheeseburger - but I have to make it, not McDonald's, you know, they're awful? Mine are the best, you're all invited My life five years from now: Hope to have a horse again, little back and knee trouble now, hope I'm still just reading about the "Jihad" and we haven't had to experience anything more up close and personal Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 8 TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Meet all 'About Me' participants