About Me: Stephen Gidon Esrati

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Try one yourself >>> Age: 80 Residence: Shaker Heights, Ohio Married? With children? Yes, 1 son Occupation: Retired newspaper editor Education: M.A. in government Pets: None Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish atheist Last person / party I voted for: John Kerry My history (100 words max): I was the first American hostage in Lebanon in 1948 as 61 passengers were hijacked from the Marine Carp. I wrote about it in "The Tenth Prayer: A Novel of Israel" Family history (100 words max): Most of my family was murdered in the Shoah. One grandmother was gassed in Auschwitz, the other was intentionally starved to death in Terezin. My father, an Israeli physician, died in Magdiel; my mother died in Cleveland My connection with Israel: I was a soldier in the Irgun Zvai Leumi. I was raised in Tel Aviv with an anti-Havlagah viewpoint. I made aliyah in 1954 and left later that year Defining moment: The Kastner trial Daily routine: Nothing special. I shoot insulin at 5 p.m. nightly On Friday night... Like any other night Last book I read was: Power, Faith, and Fantasy by Michael B. Oren Comfort food: Bacon double cheeseburger My mentor: Moshe Arens 3 wishes: Cure for diabetes A daughter-in-law Grandchildren Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 8 Try one yourself >>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants