Notice anything different?

Stage 1 of our new design is up: New features, big screen, fewer ads.

new design 298.88 (photo credit: )
new design 298.88
(photo credit: )
Dear user, Noticed something different? is happy to announce the launching of the first stage of a site re-design. The new design is part of an ongoing evolution of our web environment to better fit your needs. So what's new? 1) We have considerably stretched the width of the screen. Everything now looks bigger and better 2) We've moved the left-hand section navigation to the upper part of the screen, thereby creating space for more exciting new content features (major bloggers' corner, the talkback hot potato, historic front page JPost covers, offbeat news from around the world and more are being planned) 3) A new box has been added to article pages where we will provide related links to stories, whether from or the web, and, where relevant, links to photo galleries and video content 4) Last but not least, there are now considerably fewer ads on the site As mentioned above, this is only stage 1. We have plenty of surprises in store. Please feel free to send us your comments / suggestions / criticism. The team