Timeline: Six Days of War

18:40 Syrian artillery bombards Rosh Pina.

old city jerusalem 88 29 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
old city jerusalem 88 29
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
DAY 1 - JUNE 5 07:45 Israel launches fist wave of air strikes on Egyptian front. 08:15 OC Southern Command Brig.-Gen Yeshayahu Gavish gives attack order. Brig.-Gen Yisrael Tal's division crosses southern Gaza into Rafah; Jordanian radar at Ajlun detects the IAF attack and warns Egyptians, but the Egyptians do not get the transmission. 09:45 Jordan bombards Jerusalem and central Israel. Iraqi and Jordanian aircraft try to bomb Tel Aviv, as well as other random targets. 12:00 The IAF bombs airfields in Mafraq and Amman, while Jordanians capture UN headquarters (Armon Hanatziv) in Jerusalem. 12:00 Syrian aircraft attack targets in Haifa. 13:00 The IAF attacks Syrian air bases, destroying most of the Syrian air force. 15:30 Israel conquers Sur Bahir and the Jordanian army's Bell Outpost. 17:00 Jordanian artillery shells Tel Aviv. 18:40 Syrian artillery bombards Rosh Pina. 19:30 IDF takes Jordan's Radar and Sheikh Abd al-Aziz positions. DAY 2 - JUNE 6 03:00 Latrun police fort captured by 55th Brigade and 4th Armored Brigade, while 10th Brigade cuts Jerusalem-Ramallah road. 05:47 Syrian artillery shells border communities and the Syrian army attempts to advance to Tel Dan, Dan and Ashmora. 06:00 Brig.-Gen. Ariel Sharon's division completes conquest of Umm el-Katef and Abu Ageila in Sinai. Meanwhile, in the Dotan Valley, the 40th Brigade of Jordan's Arab Legion counterattacks. 06:15 Conquest of Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem; Shuafat and Givat Hamivtar conquered two hours later. 13:00 Ramallah and Jenin surrender; conquest of Gaza is complete. 17:20 Kalkilya conquered; Abu Tor in Jerusalem captured. 20:00 General retreat ordered for Egyptian army. 24:00 General retreat from West Bank ordered for Arab Legion. DAY 3 - JUNE 7 Syrian artillery bombardments continue all along the northern border with the Golan Heights. 10:00 Old City of Jerusalem conquered. 12:14 Navy conducts operations in Sharm e-Sheikh. 12:15 Final general retreat order for Jordanian forces. 14:25 Bethlehem and Bir Gafgafa in Sinai are conquered. 18:00 Mitla Pass closed; Gush Etzion and Hebron conquered. 19:30 Jericho taken. 19:40 Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser turns down UN Security Council cease-fire initiative. IDF preventing Egyptian retreat at Mitla and Jiddi passes. DAY 4 - JUNE 8 Syrian artillery bombardments continue. IAF attacks Syrian defenses in preparation for capture of Golan Heights, which is then canceled. 03:00 Egyptian armored brigade attacks Tal's vanguard west of Bir Gafgafa. 15:30 Egypt accepts cease-fire. DAY 5 - JUNE 9 01:00 Brig.-Gen. Avraham Yoffe's advance armor reaches Suez Canal. 07:20 After intercepted message from Nasser indicates Arab forces are near collapse, defense minister Moshe Dayan reverses his stand and the decision of the cabinet, and orders attack on the Golan Heights. 11:30 Advance begins on Syrian lines in northern Golan. 12:35 IDF conquers Tel Hallal. 17:00 IDF conquers Tel Azaziat. 18:20 IDF takes Tel Fahr bunkers after a bloody battle. 18:30 Nasser, in televised speech, blames the US for the loss and insists that the US helped Israel. He announces his resignation. Speech is followed by anti-aircraft fire and a huge "spontaneous demonstration" that causes him to retract the resignation. 18:30 IDF takes Zaura-Kala compound. 20:00 IDF takes Rouya. DAY 6 - JUNE 10 00:40 IDF conquers Jalabina fortifications. 08:30 Syrians announce falsely that Kuneitra has fallen to pressure for a cease-fire. 14:30 Kuneitra falls to IDF. 15:00 Dayan meets the UN's Odd Bull and agrees to cease-fire by 18:00. 18:15 Mas'ada falls.