The wineries of the Negev are uniting into a regional wine club

For the first time ever, multiple wineries within the Negev area will join forces to launch a brand-new trademark.

La Forêt Blanche Wine (photo credit: Courtesy)
La Forêt Blanche Wine
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Approximately 15 different wineries currently active around the Negev area are joining forces into a one large club with the trademark of "Negev Wines."
This club would be established by the HaShomer HaChadash and the Merage Foundation  with the goal of giving its customers an impressive tourism experience. The Negev wineries already have multiple locations throughout the country in cities and areas such as Eilat, Arad, the Negev Mountains, Yatir Forest and Pitchat Nitzana.
One advantage in touring around the region of the Negev is being in an area surrounded by different wineries.
This initiative is hoping to boost the wineries’ sales capabilities as well as help popularize other tourist attractions in the area.
Essentially, this would establish the wineries as a “wine tourism community” destination and bring more tourists to the Negev, as well as encourage the region to earn more recognition as a tourist destination.
Nicole Hod Stroh, executive director of the Merage Foundation, said that "the combination of Zionism and the vision of making the desert bloom, leads to creative innovative solutions that attract people from around the world to study about desert agriculture in an age of global warming," as Israel as a country is considered a world leader in agricultural research and development.
As an organization, the Merage Foundation is a philanthropic foundation owned by David and Laura Merage. The foundation has provided many services over the years with many economic, philanthropic and social initiatives. These include the establishment of medical and rehabilitation centers and the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship programs, as well as the promotion of tourism.