Top chefs prepare to offer high-end plant-based meat cuts

Redefine Meat's range of new-meat products has achieved widespread acclaim from high-end and Michelin-star chefs.

 Can Redefine Meat's new whole meet cuts redefine an industry? (photo credit: Courtesy)
Can Redefine Meat's new whole meet cuts redefine an industry?
(photo credit: Courtesy)

The promise of high-end plant-based meat alternatives is here. For the first time, plant-based whole cuts manufactured by Redefine Meat will be served in top-level restaurants in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel, the Rehovot-based company said Tuesday.

The company’s range of new-meat products – including beef and lamb cuts, as well as burgers, sausages, lamb kebabs and ground beef – has achieved widespread acclaim from high-end and Michelin-star chefs.

Israel is considered a world leader in vegan foods, and investments in Israeli alternative protein companies have grown eightfold in the last two years, according to the Good Food Institute Israel. However, replicating authentic flavors, textures and mouth-feel has not been easy for manufacturers.

Redefine Meat’s products are made from plant-based ingredients, designed by global meat experts working to understand the complexity of animal muscle structure. Whole cuts of meat are “the holy grail of the alternative meat industry,” the company said.

Redefine Meat has targeted meat lovers as its primary market, with an eye on pushing boundaries for product quality and variety.

Redefine Meat has gotten top reviews from high-end and Michelin-star chefs, including legendary British chef Marco Pierre White, world-renowned chef and Dutch TV personality Ron Blaauw, Berlin’s celebrated head chef of FACIL Restaurant (two-Michelin stars) Joachim Gerner, and Israel’s famed chef Shahaf Shabtay.

The new line of products will be served at Marco Pierre White’s Steak Houses in the UK, Michelin-starred Ron Gastrobar in the Netherlands, and other top-rated eateries. The offering of whole cuts reflects the company’s goal to become the world’s largest meat company by offering every single cut that a cow does.

“We’ve achieved a level of superiority in taste and texture that surprised even some of the most recognized chefs in the world, and our unique technological capabilities enable us to replace every part of the cow for the first time,” said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and cofounder of Redefine Meat.

Redefine Meat’s products have already been adopted by close to 150 restaurants in Israel. The new cuts will be served at Tel Aviv’s acclaimed Coffee Bar and Herzl 16 by the RDM Hospitality Group, as well as Hotel Montefiore. Further product rollouts in Europe, the US and Asia are expected in coming months, the company said.


While Redefine Meat and competitors like Israel’s Beyond Meat and SavorEat are developing plant-based meat substitutes, others, like MeaTech and Aleph Farms, are developing lab-cultivated cultured meats that would taste authentic without killing animals. It has been estimated that cultivated meat could comprise half of the total meat market by 2040.