What are the best wines to toast the end of 2020?

After a long and challenging year – we really need to start 2021 with a happy pop

Glass of wine (photo credit: Courtesy)
Glass of wine
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Bana Collection
The Bana Drinks chain of wine stores is celebrating the New Year with a collection of bubblies to suit every budget. “We know that this year, with bars and restaurants closed, people will celebrate at home with their close family and friends, so we prepared a collection of bubblies as well as white and red wines that will come in handy,” said the company’s marketing director. So if you’re looking for the perfect bubbly for your taste and budget, check out Bana online store for ideas.
There are many sweet and semi-sweet bubblies in the collection, which is only available at Bana stores, such as Borgo Sole Rosé, a fruity kosher wine perfect as an aperitif (NIS 59.90); Picasso Lambrusco, both white bubbly – fresh and citrusy, and bright red-pink rosé, with aromas of berries, both light and crowd-pleasing (NIS 39.90); and then there’s a really lovely South African dry sparkling wine, Backsberg Brut, that is a real treat. Made according to the Champagne method of second fermentation in the bottle, it is simply excellent. A blend of 53% Chardonnay and 47% pinot noir, this lovely light-yellow bubbly is the way to celebrate. NIS 99.90.
The above-mentioned bubblies are available only at Bana Mashkaot. They will deliver everywhere around the country within 48 hours of ordering. www.banamashkaot.co.il
Blue Nun 24K Gold Edition
An elegant and light kosher sparkling wine with a touch of fruitiness, the Gold Edition of Blue Nun is the way to start a party – even if there are only very few people in that party. It is a blend of Trebbiano and Chardonnay from the Rhine region in Germany. Its effervescence comes from the Charmat method, an old fermentation and carbonization process. But the real attractions are the genuine 24K gold flakes that float in the glass. Great as an aperitif, this wine will easily accompany a light meal and is a perfect choice for special occasions. NIS 50.
Emiliano Lambrusco
The iconic Italian vineyard presents a collection of bubblies for the New Year. The Italians, especially from the North region of Emilia-Romagna, where Lambrusco is made, like to drink semi-dry Lambrusco throughout the month of December. They open and end their meals with this wine. Emiliano has three very good kosher ones: Bianco (white), Rosato (rosé) and Roso (red), if you like sweet. All of them are very delicate, fruity and easy to drink. NIS 30. Available in most wine stores and supermarkets.
Cava Iberica
This kosher Spanish bubbly is actually not bad at all, and is good in both versions – the dry and semi-dry. Suitable for any occasion, this Cava comes from Cataluña and is made according to the Champagne method, from Spanish varietals Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo, typical for Spanish Cava. I prefer the Brut version – with a lovely golden yellow color, clean and fruity aromas and wonderful bubbles, it can be served as an aperitif or with the meal. For those who prefer slight sweetness, the semi-dry version is particularly nice and easy to drink as a toast for the New Year. NIS 30. Available in many wine shops.
Villa Sandi Auris Brut Gold
This lovely Italian Prosecco comes from Villa Sandi in the northern Veneto region near Venice. A family-owned vineyard, Villa Sandi is now run by the third generation of Moretti Polegato family. The wine is a traditional blend of Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay. The wine is fruity and floral, elegant and very celebratory. A perfect bottle for New Year celebrations. Salute! NIS 130. For more information: https://villasandi.it/en.
G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge
To properly end a not-so-good year and usher in the new one with hopes for a cure that will save our world, there’s nothing better than the real McCoy – meaning a good French Champagne, and Mumm Cordon Rouge is one of the best and we love it.
Imported to Israel by Tempo, Mumm’s flag champagne, Mumm Cordon Rouge, sets a high bar combining freshness and quality since 1827.
Adorned with the iconic red bow since George Mumm decided to add it in 1876 as a tribute to the French Army’s Legion of Honor, it gave it its name: Cordon Rouge.
With a lovely golden yellow color and rich aromas of ripe fruit and yeast, as well as tropical fruit, peaches and later aromas of vanilla, caramel, fresh brioche and honey, the flavors of fresh fruit and crispiness of the bubbles make this a real experience.
Mumm Cordon Rouge has won numerous awards and prizes and is considered the leading Champagne house in France. Enjoy for a really special celebration for NIS 225. Available in select wine and alcohol stores.