Girl saved from death by scorpion bite

Jerusalem doctor treated 8-year-old for anaphylactic shock.

Scorpion 58 (photo credit: .)
Scorpion 58
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An eight-year-old girl was recently saved from death by anaphylactic shock at Jerusalem’s Terem urgent care clinic and Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem after being bitten by a scorpion while walking barefoot in a garden in the capital’s Bayit Vegan neighborhood.
The girl, who lives in the settlement of Katzir, was visiting the city with her family and walking barefoot around 10;30 p.m. two weeks ago. She suddenly felt a bite on her big toe, which became very swollen. Her parents took her to the Terem clinic near the entrance to Jerusalem, where Dr. Salam Dana was on duty.
He said one small hole was visible in the skin of her toe.
“Ironically, it was fortunate that her condition declined suddenly, as if there had been only gradual, minor symptoms, we probably would have treated her and sent her home,” Dana told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. “But her heartbeat became irregular and her blood pressure plunged.”
After stabilizing her condition, he called Magen David Adom for an intensive care ambulance. Dana said it was a very unusual case.
She was rushed to the hospital, where she was attached to a respirator and several doses of scorpion antidote and other treatments were given. She remained in the hospital for nearly a week.
Medical experts advise against walking barefoot outdoors or moving stones, which could awaken a scorpion or snake.