Georgia men claim hairy, frozen beast is Bigfoot

A hairy corpse crammed in a Georgia freezer is Bigfoot, say two men who have been tracking the legendary creature. Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer say they stumbled across the corpse in the woods of north Georgia, across the country from the remote regions of the Northwest where people usually claim to see the man-ape. On Friday, they indignantly stood by their story at a news conference in Palo Alto, California, during which they offered an e-mail from a scientist as evidence and also acknowledged they wouldn't mind making a few bucks from the "find." Whitton and Dyer, a former corrections officer, announced the discovery in early July on YouTube videos and their Web site. Although they did not consider themselves devoted Bigfoot trackers before then, they have since started offering weekend search expeditions in Georgia for $499. The specimen they bagged, the men say, was one of several apelike creatures they spotted cavorting in the woods.