Hadar Mall sets up Zichron Menachem hair donation complex

 Zichron Menachem, Hadar Mall (photo credit: PR)
Zichron Menachem, Hadar Mall
(photo credit: PR)

For International Cancer Day on February 4, the Hadar Mall in Jerusalem is mobilizing for cancer patients in Israel, establishing a hair donation complex for one day.

The project is in collaboration with Zichron Menachem, hairdresser Etti Yosef and the mall's official hairdresser, Yossi Levy.

The complex will be open to the public on Thursday, and will operate from 2 to 6 p.m. on the first floor. During the day the mall will be decorated and branded with purple ribbons as a sign of identification with cancer patients.

Anyone who donates hair (at least a 30 cm. braid) will enjoy a haircut by leading hair stylists Levy and Yosef.

In addition, donors will enjoy a variety of pampering gifts from the mall's brands. Among them, a fancy Babylis kit, beauty packages, gold necklaces and shopping vouchers.

According to Liron Elkayam, CEO of Hadar Mall Jerusalem: "As part of the mall's social agenda, this year we decided to take part in Cancer Awareness Day and take an active part through motivation for action. Every day, about 20,000 visitors come to the Hadar Mall in Jerusalem, the goal of which is to create social involvement and a real contribution to Israeli society. 

"We welcome projects for the community and invite the residents of Jerusalem and the general public to come and donate hair (braid) at least 30 cm long and create the next wig for more children, women and men who are dealing with cancer."

For more details: Zichron Menachem - 02-6400800 Extension 4