Change of strategy is needed to combat cancer - opinion

Cancer continues to be the number one or two killer in most industrialized nations. Here in Israel, it is the leading killer and in the United States it is number two behind heart disease.


Don't be fooled: 5 facts about the truth behind vaping

How safe is vaping, and do the claims made by those marketing these devices hold up under scientific scrutiny? Here are the facts.

  Dividing cancer cell

Cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence anymore

With research improving early detection and treatment, there is some reason to be optimistic even after getting the dreaded diagnosis.

Brain scan

New early-diagnosis method for brain cancer - study

Three Japanese universities have found a way to diagnose brain cancer earlier - with a urine sample.

Grapevine February 3, 2023: Yet another miracle

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Throat cancer: Symptoms and causes for concern - explainer

Smoking is the primary cause of throat cancer, but not the only one. Which symptoms are a red flag indicating that you need to be checked, not ignored?

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Cancer illustrative

World Cancer Day on February 4 observed by 172 health orgs worldwide

Sweet drinks and junk foods – as well as tobacco and alcohol – are addictive and known causes of obesity and malignancies

What started off as a simple manicure ended up as skin cancer

It started with a simple manicure just before Thanksgiving, and almost ended with a finger being amputated.

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This type of cancer is preventable. There's no reason to die from it today

Prof. Tali Levy, director of the gynecology and oncology unit at Wolfson Hospital, explains everything you need to know about cervical cancer, and how risk can be lowered from a young age.


Gardening in groups reduces risk of cancer, chronic diseases - study

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people stayed home and started a small garden. These activities are beneficial for mental and physical health.

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