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Human brain

Tel Aviv University reveals brain cancer cure breakthrough

The researchers managed to do this by detecting a failure in the immune system of the brain which can be used against the deadly cancer.

Groundbreaking Israeli treatment may offer cure for blood cancer

“We are reprogramming another type of the immune system’s cells called T-cells, in order to teach them to fight the cancer inside the blood of the patient.”

Cancer discovery could help revitalize non-toxic treatment

Research successfully laid out why immunotherapy treatments that target ovarian, colon and triple-negative breast cancer succeeded in lab tests but failed in human trials.

Boost Testosterone Naturally Fast

Men with high testosterone levels have greater risk of melanoma - study

The study concluded that one in 36 males in the UK will contract melanoma throughout their life, compared to one in 47 women.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer

Cancer patients can safely get COVID-19 vaccine, Israeli study shows

Cancer patients who have been treated with all types of anticancer drugs have as much as a 40% increased likelihood of dying from COVID-19 than non-cancer patients.

Israeli kids wearing school bags ahead of the first day of school and kindergarten outside their hom

Stem cell transplants lower relapse rate in common cancer - study

The treatments take a person's own immune system and modifies it to be more effective at eliminating cancer cells.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

JScreen to offer at-home testing for genetic cancer susceptibility

Ashkenazi Jews have a 1-in-40 risk of carrying mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes: over 10 times the risk in the general population.

Can a vaccine save many Israelis from cancer? Yes, if schools allow it

“We are missing a great opportunity to save lives. We have to do something about it.”

Genesis Prize Co-Founder Stan Polovets steps down as Anichiano chairman

During the approximately one year that Mr. Polovets served as chairman of Anchiano, the company’s stock appreciated 630%.

Cancer bacteria can be used against tumors, Weizmann Institute study finds

Cancer cells seem to present bacterial peptides on their cell walls, which reveals their existence to the immune system’s T Cells.

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