Here are some ideas for indoor games for when it’s too hot outside

Is it way too hot to go to the park? Here’s how to have a fun afternoon at home with the kids.

 Illustrative photo of a toddler.  (photo credit: MARCO MILIVOJEVIC/PIXNIO)
Illustrative photo of a toddler.

Summer is here in a big way. High humidity, the temperatures are climbing and the chance to enjoy some fresh air is restricted to the evening hours. How can you spend time with the kids instead of suffering from the heat in the park?  The coronavirus is still hanging around so spending time in a big, closed place like an indoor attraction isn’t recommended. What's left? Your home!

Dorit Ben Meir, who diagnoses developmental issues and uses therapeutic sport methods, owns the Movement Plus studio for children in Rishon Lezion. She offers several options for home play with toddlers, ones that don’t require excessive preparation, special equipment or a lot of creative talent, but things found in every home. So before you are tempted to sit the children in front of a movie, read these recommendations:

Pillow fight

What’s needed? Soft and not too thick pillows — like those decorative ones on your sofa. Arrange a path so that there’s a small space between the pillows and do the following:

Game 1: You're allowed to cross with only one foot at a time on a pillow.

Game 2: Jump from pillow to pillow without touching the floor. To maintain safety, do this on a rug or other non-slip surface.

 Pillow fight (credit: INGIMAGE) Pillow fight (credit: INGIMAGE)

Game 3: Space out the pillows, put your kid on your lap and scuttle on your behind between the pillows. The goal is to not touch the pillows.

Game 4: Hop on one leg between the pillows without touching them. Move the pillows slightly in different directions as each kid takes a turn.

Something a bit different

What’s needed? A sponge ball and a kitchen chair. Now try the following steps:

Step 1: Sit on the chair with your feet on the floor and move the ball over your head, sitting.

Step 2: Sit in the same way and this time move the ball under the chair with your hands holding the ball.

Step 3: Lie under the chair with the ball in your hands and give it to the kid standing in front of you who will hand it back. Then, switch places.

Bring the sea home

If it's too hot to go to the sea, bring the sea home!

Equipment:  A large bowl with water, balloons filled with water and a large spoon. Try the following games:

Game 1: Try to catch one water balloon with the spoon at a time, without it falling.

Game 2: Do a fast-paced water balloon catch competition. As each balloon is caught, put it next to the bowl. The one who catches the most balloons wins.

Fun in the pool

You need long, flexible floats like swim boards or noodles and a large plastic sheet, like the one for Twister. Hold down each end of the sheet with an object so that the floor won’t get too wet.

Pour some water on the sheet and put the float in it. Now is the time to swim, paddle, lie on the floats and enjoy the wet and slippery touch. Of course, have the kids wear swimsuits.

This article was written in partnership with the JAMA parenting app.