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Six things every new mother wants to tell her child

Did you give birth recently? Here are some thoughts that for sure have been going through your mind since you became a mom that you wish you could share with your baby.


How can you encourage creativity, strength in your toddler?

To find unique strengths in your kids, first, observe them. If you spot a strong point, take note of it; here's how to develop it.


Couple indicted for raping daughter to profit from pregnancy

A man is accused of serially and violently raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter over the course of three years with the cooperation of his wife, her mother.

Psychological tips for new parents

Below, I want to describe some of the collected wisdom from the family social science literature that pertains to the transition into parenthood.

How can we stop babies dying in hot cars? - opinion

Until automatic sensor systems are fitted as standard to every car, it is incumbent upon every single parent to make sure that this doesn’t happen to them

New AI device monitors baby development and alerts parents to issues

LittleOne.Care's new device monitors the baby's sounds and movements and analyzes them to report development updates to parents.

How can you provide a supportive environment for your sensitive children?

Studies show that highly sensitive children are more affected by parent-child relationships. Highly sensitive children tend to be exceptionally successful in supportive environments.

By Dana Amar/Walla

Here are steps you can take if you're concerned about the weight of your toddler

Should weight issues be taken care of at a young age? And if so, when? Efrat Avrahami, health and natural nutrition consultant, explains everything.


Here are some ideas for indoor games for when it’s too hot outside

Is it way too hot to go to the park? Here’s how to have a fun afternoon at home with the kids.


Spank your child? You may be increasing their chances of being physically abused later

Physical abuse inflicted by parents on their children varies due to differences across international cultures.

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