Eyesight Tech. becomes Cipia, announces production with China-based OEM

The name Cipia was inspired by our brain’s occipital lobe that translates’ what we see into an understanding of the environment around us, and reflect the company’s intelligent sensing capabilities.

Cipia's technology (photo credit: EYESIGHT TECHNOLOGIES)
Cipia's technology
Eyesight Technologies, a Herzliya-based artificial intelligence-powered computer vision start-up behind the DriverSense driver monitoring system, which analyzes facial features to identify signs of drowsiness and distraction and enables car manufacturers to alert the driver of the danger, changed its name to Cipia, the company announced on Tuesday.
That change of name supports its vision for the future of automotive experiences: AI solutions that improve the safety and overall automotive experience by understanding the behavior and activities of the driver and passengers.
Inspired by our brain’s occipital lobe that translates’ what we see into an understanding of the surrounding environment, the name Cipia was born to reflect the company’s vision and its intelligent sensing capabilities.
“We are on a continuing journey to push the boundaries of computer vision AI and deliver cutting edge solutions to our customers,” said David Tolub CEO of Cipia. “Our technology has evolved, taking its inspiration from the neural networks and the higher level logic of the brain, and we decided that our name must encompass the breadth and richness of our journey as a company. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to provide state-of-the-art solutions for automotive experience.”
Continuing Cipia’s commitment to the future of growing the DMS market, the name change comes in the wake of major success for Cipia in two leading markets.
Last week the company announced that a US OEM doubled its order, increasing the estimated lifetime of the deal for Driver Sense DMS to $30m and the total number design wins for Cipia to 10.
Additionally, no later than yesterday, the company announced the start of production for Driver Sense in a new Model for a China-based OEM with the first cars expected on the road by later this month. 
“As the largest automotive marketplace in the world, our expansion into the Chinese market is a huge step towards improving road safety on the global scale,” said Tolub. “We look forward to working together with our customer on not only this design win, but also on many future models to come."
With the evolution of Cipia from its beginnings in classic computer-vision to today’s neural networks based technology and evolving algorithms, administering context and understanding to the environment, the name Cipia is not merely a cosmetic change, but also a name that pays homage to both the rich past of the company, and representing the promise of the future.